Species  ?
Occupation Bounty Hunter

College Student

Age 22
Place of Origin Finland
Status Alive
Relatives Father †


Sister †

First Appearance The Chat
Last Appearance TBA

History Edit

Arto was born in a village in northern Finland, where he lived a normal life with his parents and his sister. But everything changed one cold winter day in January when his father brought him deep into the dark forest. His father caught a gigantic wolverine with his bare hands and tied his five year old son to the animal's back. The young Arto desperately yelled after his father, who had then turned his back on him. "It's not personal, my son." he said, as the wolverine quickly ran away. 

For two whole days, the gigantic, but surprisingly light-footed beast ran around in the forest, unable to escape the peculiar situation. The wolverine managed to cut the rope by rubbing it against a pointy rock and took off. Arto was alone once again, and cried for several hours until a wave of Finnish clarity swept over him as he understood that nobody was coming to save him. Surviving alone in the wilderness is no easy task for five year old, but he knew what he had to do. The rest of his story is shrouded in mystery, but there are some nasty rumors going around about him in the supernatural world. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Arto is very tall, standing over 6'3" tall and has a well built physique due to his upbringing. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Arto has some scars on his body, the most prominent one being a a diagonal claw mark from a gigantonormous wolverine across his back. He is usually seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 

Personality Edit

Arto is a nice guy, but is sometimes socially awkward as he is still adjusting to civilization after living in the forest for many years. He is a little arrogant and tends to view things as black and white. He prefers to be alone and doesn't like vegetables.