This is BigBroElijah, the peacemaker of the Mikaelson clan and a thousand year old vampire. Usually he is keeping his word but sometimes he looks for a loophole in his promises to do the opposite and at the same time not to break it. So he is careful with the words h
e uses because he knows he might have to break them, eventually.


Elijah doesn´t love Hayley and he probably never will. He doesn´t regret killing Celeste and he doesn´t even care about Katerina anymore. Elijah is out of the romance game.


His family is messed up but he is hell bent on fixing them. This is seems to be his life´s purpose. He thinks Niklaus will be redeemed once the baby grows up and slowly changes Niklaus. Elijah loves his sister Rebekah and wishes her all the best on her journey. If Elijah wasn´t busy in New Orleans he would slaughter the whole MFG for killing Kol. Same goes for Finn. His Mother Esther will always try to kill the Original Family so they all have to put aside their differences and come together to protect each other. His Father is a funny guy as he was a comedian in the 10th century but he is to obsessed with hunting down Niklaus so that aspect of him doesn´t show anymore.

Favorite ScenesEdit

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