Maira77 is a nice girl and the good daughter of the family, she loves her sister Demi who is a complete baddas and her mother Klelijah is the queen on the hell. She fell in love and married with the bad boy Klaus the hybrid and they had a daughter named Morga, for some unknown reason she has decided to remain as the only human in the family. She said that may later decide to become a vampire when starts to show the first wrinkle on her face.

Caroline in season one
Species Human
Occupation Receptionist
Place of Origin Colombia
Relatives Klaus (husband)
Megan (daughter)
Morga (daughter)
Piper (daughter)
Felicity (niece)
Residence Klaus's Mansion
First Appearance The Chat
Last Appearance Today

- Hobbies: Watching TV, internet, play tennis, partying, go to cinema.

- Favorite Color: Pink

- Inspiration for Fashion: Emma Watson and Caroline Forbes

- Favorite Movie: Titanic

- Favorite Anime: Inuyasha

- Favorite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

- Favorite Actress: Candice Accola, Kristen Kreuk and Emma Stone

- Favorite Actor: Zac Efron, Paul Wesley and Andrew Garfield

- Favorite Music: American ballad and Pop.

- Favorite Singers: Justin Timberlike and Lana del Rey

- Favorite Sport: Soccer and Tennis

- Soccer teams: Selection Colombia, America de Cali and Real Madrid

- Athletes Favorites: Cristiano Ronaldo, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic

Klaus The Hybrid

Megan Smith

Morga xxx

Crazy Piper


Demi Tyrantpawn

Queen Caroline Forbes