Crazy Piper


Crazy Piper

Species Witch
Occupation Ruler of The LaLa land
Age Over 1000 years
Place of Origin Persia
Relatives Wife of Mikael
First Appearance Undetermined
Last Appearance Undetermined
Status Immortal

Crazy Piper (a.k.a as the hey-haired woman), She's a witch originally born in Persia to an unknown mother, she was raised in a farm by an older witch called Qetsiah. Piper got her powers when she first saw a man named Mikael, who he later became her husband, and the father of Oz.Edit

Rumors has it that Crazy Piper was of royal blood, her rumored father being price Charming was on a quest to find his lost love, but on his journey to the far east, he got stranded in the Persian desert, where he knew a young woman from a savage tribe, he was so taken by her cruelty that he asked her hand for one night, the prince left that morning after the woman bite his ear as a token of love, of course the woman wasn't keen on keeping her baby from the prince, and decided to leave her in the hands of an oracle named Qetsiyah.

Crazy Piper was raised in a tribe called Saeva in Rome, then moved to Athens when she got her first blood offerings, and after decades she moved to Africa looking for a suitable husband.