Demi Tyrantpawn
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Species Badass Douchebag (Vampire)
Occupation Kol's Queen
Place of Origin Virgina
Relatives Thomas Cole Nicolas (son)
Shaeron (son)
Felicity (daughter)
TVDfan (sister)
Klaus (step-brother)
Klelijah (mother)
First Appearance The Chat
Last Appearance Uh...

Family RelationsEdit

Demi is mother to the unsurpassed theorists, Shaeron and Thomas, having them after a short fling with Macwell Cyprus. She is sister to Maira77, who is the kinder of the two.  Despite differences in personality, she cares about her sister and is protective of her.  This also applies to her daughter with Kol 10: Felicity. Grace and Valerie are her daughter-in-laws.

Section headingEdit

► Klaus Katherine We're Alone-0

► Klaus Katherine We're Alone-0

Kat and Klaus

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