Grace Fell
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Species :Witch (Originally), Vampire (Currently)

Occupation : Works At Moonbucks Cafe
Turned and Killed By: Niklaus Mikaelson
Cause Of Death: Snapped Neck
Age : 21
Place of Origin : Wikia Falls
Relatives : Shaeron (Husband), Beachgirl (Daughter), Sarah Marium (Daughter), Demi (Mother-in-law), Macwell (Father-in-law)
First Appearance : The Chat 
Last Appearance : The Banishment of Breeane
Status: Undead

Grace Fell.

A Vampire from Wikia Falls who marries Prince of Theories, Shaeron.

Has 2 daughters. Beachgirl and Marium.

Is the daughter in law to Maccwell and Demi.


- Full Name is Grace Marie Fell

- Grace was originally a witch

- She was killed by Niklaus Mikaelson for unknown reason

- She hates being a vampire but later accepts her new life slowly

- Love her daughters dearly

- Has estranged relationship with husband, Prince of Theories

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