Klaus's Mansion

Klaus's Family Mansion

Residence Edit

1. Klaus The Hybrid

2. Carolinefan77

3. Morga xxx

4. Crazy Piper

5. Megan Smith

6. Kol Ten (Only when Demi Tyrantpawn kicks him out of his house) 


  • Macwell Cypher is not allowed to enter since he puked all over Crazy Piper's carpet during a christmas party. Never mix holy water with vodka
  • Carolinefan77 is the only person who can invite people into the house as she is human and the ownership of the mansion is in her name
  • Klaus the Hybrid has been sentenced to 100 years cleaning the mansion as punishment for ripping Bree's Heart Out and leaving a bloody mess on a 200 year old carpet woops :( lol

Klaus FamilyEdit

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Niklaus Mikaelson


My Angel Caroline77


Eldest Daughter Morga


Second Eldest Daughter Piper


Youngest Daughter Megan

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lKlaus and Caroline77 <3