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Klaus The Hybrid
Species Original Hybrid
Occupation King Of New Orleans
Age 1017

Place of Origin England

Residence Klaus's Mansion

Relatives Elijah (Brother) Finn (Brother) Kol (Brother) Rebekah (Sister) Demi Tyrantpawn (StepSister) Caroline77 (Wife) Morga (Daughter) Piper (Daughter) Megan (Daughter) Felicity (Niece) Klelijah (StepMother) Izunadara (StepFather) Aaron (Brother)

Significant Kills Grace Fell (Cause of Death Broken neck as a human) Breeane (Cause of Death Heart Extraction)

First Appearance The Chat
Last Appearance The Banishment of Breeane
Status Undead

Hello My Lovelies my name is Klaus

Im Klaus the nice guy. some even say too nice ;)

Yes Yes I Am A Viscous Heartless Monster!


Klaus is the main antagonist for Season 1 and 2.


Klaus was born in the 10th century his mother ester was a powerful witch and was the one to place the hybrid curse on Klaus. Mikael is the stepfather to Klaus and treated Klaus horribley subjecting him to visicous beatings and insults."you were never the resipitent of his cruelty none of you were not Kol 10 Not Finn None of you" Klaus to Elijah.  My eldest Brother Elijah is the most noble of us all and lets his pride interfer with whats impprtant i have a coplicated relationship with elijah as i have daggered him more the once. My next brother is Finn not much can be said about my brother finn exsept for that i Daggered him at a party and kept him locked in a coffin for 900 years. My Brother Kol and i have a complicated relationship as i kept him locked in a coffin for over 100 years. however Kol knows how to have fun and knows how to keep the rabble in place with persuation or by force much like myself.  My Sister Rebekah has trouble finding love and this sometimes causes me problems which i have to put right to protect her. however even after i daggered her. know one has stayed by my side longer then she has that is why she is my f


My Angel Maria77

avourite Silbling. Klaus Fell in love with Caroline and they had three Daughters named Piper, Morga and Megan


Klaus saves Caroline

Klaus saves Caroline

Kol Dies

Kol Dies. Klaus swears Revenge

Klaus 1x15

Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Badass moment

Klaus Badass moment