Kol Ten

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Species : Original
Occupation : King 
Age : 1017

Place of Origin : New Orleans

Residence: The Squads Mansion

Klaus's Mansion (occasionaly) 

RelativesDemi Tyrantpawn (Together)

Felicity McQueen (Daughter) 

Klaus The Hybrid (Brother)

BigBro Elijah (Brother) 

Morga xxx (Niece)

John Ares (Drinking buddy) 

First Appearance:  The Chat
Last Appearance : Today
Status: Undead

I'm Kol 10 , The bad boy of these parts. I don't where should I begin? I'm a very interesting person. If you want to know anything just ask. 

Family Edit

Kol Ten, was born in the 10 century to the amazing father that is Mikael. Mikael taught him how to hunt and protect his family. His Mother Esther was a great Witch and mother that both cared and protected her children but that didn't stop her from getting in on with the neighboring werewolves. On to my eldest brother, Elijah is the noble yet boring brother he always seems to be doing the right things although in my book he doesn't. My next brother is Finn, there is not much to be said but he fell inlove with a peaseant and got daggered at a party (lovesick fool). On to Niklaus, me and Nik share a very difficult relationship which is the reason why I'm not with the Trio all the time. Nonetheless he enjoys to have fun as do I. Next Is my younger sister Rebekah she has soo much trouble with love.....Its hilarious. Me and her bond like no tomorrow this is why I consider her my favorite sibling. 

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