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Orion Micah
Species: Original Vampire
Occupation: Owning places, Ruining peace
Age: 1000+ years
Place of Origin: England

Relatives: Kol 10 (Brother) Klaus The Hybrid (Brother) TCORM (Brother) Rebekah All The Way (Sister) Mikael Mikaelson (Father) 

Significant Kills: *To be added*

First Appearance: The Chat
Last Appearance: *To be added*
Status: Undead

Orion Micah is the forgotten son of Mikael and Esther who they lost somewhere in England when they were travelling thousand years ago. He made his return on The Chat.


Orion Micah is known to str things in a violent manner. He is known to cause disturbance.


Orion Micah was born after Elijah to Mikael and Esther. Somewhere in the woods Orion parted his way from the family or some say that they forgot him in the woods. Orion's location was unknown until he showed up in the Chat to become a series regular.