Arianahearts Aly
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Ria Aly Buzolic



Original Hybrid Witch

Occupation Lurking and Cracking Source Codes
Place of Origin Archipelago in the Far East

Klelijah (grandmother)

Original Hybrid Klaus (Cousin)

First Appearance The Chat
Last Appearance The Banishment of Breeane (mentioned)

Arianaheartsme also known as Aly was a witch born with the werewolf gene from unknown parents. She was accused of using expression so Ayana turned her to an Original vampire as punishment and to stop the creations of Esther but she had already mastered expression, thus turning her into a Original Hybrid Witch.

Aly had been a silent lurker in Wikia Falls, trying to stay on a low profile for two years. She made her first appearance in The Chat, when she accidentally pressed the link. She was greeted by Shae, thus starting her adventure in Wikia Falls.

History Edit

Aly came from a distant country of the Far East and was the first born daughter of a chief of a werewolf clan and a witch. When the witch's coven predicted she was an abomination, she was exiled to Mystic Falls in the 10th Century. There she met the witch Ayana and raised her. Despite Ayana's warnings, Aly practiced expression because she thought it was awesome and she doesn't take no rules from weak witches.

Ayana put a curse on her and turned her into an Original vampire, without knowledge that she had a werewolf gene that was activated on her first kill. Anyway, she became this badass Original Hybrid Witch and lived her life.

In the 21st Century, she met Nathaniel "Nate" Buzolic and they fell madly in love. Details of their relationship is unclear up til now.

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