Scary Mary
Dark Mary
Species Immortal Dark Witch
Occupation Shadow Assassin
Age Ancient
Place of Origin Anywhere and Everywhere
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance TBA
Status Immortal

"Scary Mary" aka "The Old One" or simply "X" is an ancient immortal dark witch. She is an assassin, a bounty hunter and a master of all forms of magic and is the nemesis of nature itself. She used Expression magic long ago to infuse herself intrinsically to the source of all magic itself and uses it for her own dark desires, she halted her aging and to empower herself making herself physically stronger than any other supernatural creature and to the point of complete and utter invulnerability. She can be found lurking in the shadows always watching and observing her prey, always waiting for the right moment to strike to exact her dark fury. She is ally and friend to Kol Ten and John Ares.