The Banishment of Breeane
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date Template:!! Apr. 3, 2143
Written by Template:!! Julian Pec
Christian McKenzie
Directed by Template:!! Christina Nolane
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Delena Kiss

The Banishment of Breeane is the third episode of Season 1


Breeane , known member of the Wendy squad, finally reaches the borders of Wikia Falls (Town) but is met with scepticism. Proclaiming to be of the far away land of Cali, a place wich Professer Jerome Gonhatehomie Haters and Rebekah All The Way hail from as well. As Demi Tyrantpawn grows annoyed by Breeanes presence Kol Ten and John Ares grow fond of the thought of using her as part of their new game. The Church Of Rebekah Mikaelson quickly grows wary of Breeanes strenght to become part of the game as well: the kicking game. One by one they kick her from side to side, like a tennis ball. The treatment revealed Breeanes true form and the Squad plans to take action. Using The Church Of Rebekah Mikaelson new powers, given to her by Macwell Cypher in their demonic deal about controlling free speech in Wikia Falls, Breeane is banned from the town. But is she truly gone forever or will her rambling continue ? The question remains: was she really from Cali ? Do people in Cali speak like that ? -not from imdb




  •  Mama June (From Honey Boo Boo) as Breeane


  • Chuck Hittinger as G