Valerie Salvatore
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Species : Vampire
Occupation : Student
Turned and Killed By: Damon Salvatore
Cause Of Death: Excessive Fangirling over Damon Salvatore
Age :17
Place of Origin : Montreal
Relatives : Thomas Cole Nicholas (Husband)
First Appearance : The Chat  
Last Appearance : Banishment of Breeane
Status: Undead

Valerie Stamford was a normal girl until she got turned into a vampire by dashing, charming, sexy, tall, dark and handsome mysterious vampire, Damon Salvatore .

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Damon turned her world upside down

But under difficult circumstances, Damon won't return her fangirling obsession with love back. So, they fell apart and she met Thomas 'Tommy' who is a cheap imitation of Damon but nonetheless still as bad as bad boy Damon. They end up married after endless of pointless theories by Tommy on why they should and shouldn't be together.